Going mudding in a side by side is one of life’s simple pleasures. You get the dirty thrill of off-road driving, and if your buddies join in, you can get a killer race going as well. A side by side outing is always a blast, but since there’s limited cargo space, it can be tough to bring all the supplies you need to turn it into a real party. Luckily, with a few simple accessories you can add to your side by side, you can turn your UTV into a portable party machine, ready to show your friends a blast on any weekend.


A party isn’t a party without great music, and getting some good UTV audio accessories should be priority number one if you want your side by side to become a party machine. You should get some solid speakers that will let you blast your favorite music. This will give you the edge while driving, and also let you crank the music for the fun afterwards. Nothing will beat the thrill of ramping a hill while some gut-busting rock music blasts from your speakers.


You will also want to look into lighting options. While your headlights can get the job done, you have other options. If you check out side by side parts dealers, you’ll be able to get some great whip lights to go on your UTV’s rear, or some solid LEDs to mount on the UTV’s body. This will let you keep the race (or the party) going long into the night, without having to shut down early when you’ve only just started having fun. Combine the lights and the music, and you’ve got a party spot better than a dance club, and without any of the lame club jerks to deal with.



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