Move over racers of the 2021 Kazakhstan Rally… Method Race Wheels South Racing Team is coming through. This is the second stop during the FIA World Cup Cross-Country Rally near central Asia. The terrain is proving to be one of the toughest tracks in the circuit with its extreme terrain condition. It’s straight up unpredictable topography like rocks and sand.  Austin Jones “It’s a little bit sketchy… so got knocked around pretty good.” These racers get no crew so the importance of having superior traction performance is crucial to their cause. We bet Jones was confident with Method Race Wheels keeping his treads intact.


Method Race Wheels is all about ensuring offroad racers and enthusiasts are provided high-quality UTV rims that will keep the tire gripped in all the right places. They’ve even went so far as to patent their own Bead Grip Technology that allows on and offroad trekking without de-beading. That isn’t even the half of it. Have you browsed around at the crazy cool aesthetic game Method Race Wheels brings to the table? Whether you dig a more classic, sleek look or are trying to seek some aggressive appearance gains, these side-by-side wheels have what it takes.


Take grip and traction to a whole ’notha level when you slap a set of offroad rims from Method Race Wheels from Side By Side Stuff.