We can’t think of a bigger mud bogging event than High Lifter’s Mud Nationals 2021. The shenanigans are endless, from rooster tailing to hooning. It’s an offroad adrenaline-charged mud marathon that is off the chain. Monsters of the South made sure of it as they brought their beefed-up cars to the mix to hit the honey holes and be the trail DJ. How’d they blast those sick beats without damaging the systems? This has Rockford Fostgate written all over it.


Rockford Fosgate has 35 years of experience in blasting beats. It’s no wonder they have become one of the most sought-after UTV audio systems brands on the face of the planet. They offer kits ranging in all flavors, whether a SxS media player or a full marine-grade sound system. The durability factor speaks for itself. If it can handle the grit of the Monsters of the South wrecking their ride at Mud Nationals, it can withstand nearly anything.


Do you want to do the deed at the beats of your own… audio kit? Shop Rockford Fosgate UTV offroad sound systems from SideBySideStuff.com.