Can Am Maverick in snow, with windshield


So you’ve just put down the money to purchase a side by side. You’re in for many years of off-road fun and excitement, and you’ll be roaring down the dirt roads for years to come. In order to get the absolute most out of your purchase, you’ll need to outfit your side by side with some additional customizations. These will increase your enjoyment as well as your vehicle’s longevity and versatility. Here are a couple of important customizations you can install on your side by side.



Unless you like getting mud splattered all over the front of your clothes, a Can Am windshield can be an essential. While you might enjoy the feel of the wind your first few times out on the off-road tracks, you should have a windshield as an available option. You’ll be protected from harsh weather, excessive dust, and, most importantly, bugs that will spatter on the front of your vehicle. That last one is especially important if you’re planning on riding through a wooded area in the summertime, since flies, mosquitos, and hornets will be out in full force. You can also install a half-windshield to protect you from the elements without caging you off from the feeling of the outdoors.


Track System

Off-roading is generally seen as a summer sport, but with the right accessories you can enjoy your side by side all year long. When the snows blanket the ground in the wintertime, you can install a track system to give your side by side tank-like treads that will conquer any terrain. Don’t let your side by side sit in your garage all winter long, collecting dust. Install a reliable track system and take it out on a winter adventure for some ice fishing or some wintertime trapping or hunting.



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