Earlier this month, Polaris announced that they were adding to their already robust line of vehicles with a new Ranger XP 900 DELUXE edition. In a press release from Polaris, they bill the new Ranger XP 900 DELUXE as “an aggressive approach to reinvent its product lines and provide innovative products to meet the demands of off-road enthusiasts.” Long story, short? This is going to be a pretty kickass machine.

In the past few months, we’ve seen Polaris really kick things up a few notches. They’ve released 9 new vehicles – a huge feat for any side by side maker. Now, with the Ranger XP 900 DELUXE edition, they want to take things a step further.

What will this ride featured? well, we know that it’s going to be in its own class of hard working, smooth riding, and powerful machines with a ProStar 900 engine, all-new chassis, a restyled cockpit, more suspension, easier serviceability, a quieter ride, and easier accessory integeration. It’s super customizable and with the same comfort, power, and performance you’ve come to expect from Polaris vehicles. All in all, a big win for any rider.

Check out more of the buzz on the Ranger XP 900 DELUXE on the PRC Ranger Club forum, where they have a lot of the new details. https://www.prcforum.com/forum/179-new-2014-polaris-rangers-rzrs/52869-polaris-industries-ranger-xp-900-deluxe-added-line-up.html