October served the offroad community well with sick terrain and wicked rides. Thanks to you, Side By Side Stuff junkies, we were able to narrow down your top five favorites! You guys held nothing back from being chin deep in the mud to drifting to no man’s land on the pavement.


So, how does it work? To get featured in the Top Five Videos of the Month, simply send your clips via Instagram direct message to Side By Side Stuff.


We’ll post your ground-pounding reel, and the rest is up to you! Whoever has the top five most likes at the end of the month, nails their spot. So, get your friends involved!


Now let’s get to it, check out your top five favs!


Does this even need a caption! Cave ripping? Really!?


Wait for it…. Wait for it….


“Max. My name is Max.”


Now that’s what slinging mud looks like.


When you ask her out on a date and refuse to take no for an answer.



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