Whether you’re trail riding in the mountains or exploring in the desert, the Yamaha Wolverine is the perfect side by side to deliver unprecedented fun. Before taking your UTV to the extreme terrain to test its capabilities, you want to be sure your machine is ready for the task. One of the simplest upgrades you can make to your machine that can impact your performance and give your rig a stylish look is aftermarket wheels and tires.


Yamaha designed the Wolverine for extreme terrain, depending on the type of terrain you ride; the right type of UTV tire can make the difference in the field. From mud to sand or hard packed surface terrain, we offer a wide selection of UTV tires to accommodate the type of terrain you’re going to tackle. If you are unsure what kind of tires you need, take a look our blog article:  A Little Help on Choosing the Right Tires for a Side By Side.



Yamaha side x sides have a reputation for durability and reliability, if you know you’re going to push your Wolverine to the limit, consider outfitting your rig with heavy duty wheels. Choose from a large selection of stylish UTV rims from the hottest brands in the industry, including MSA and STI. Not only will new UTV wheels give your machine an edge, you’ll be better equipped to handle potentially hazardous environments.


Whether you just need a spare tire, a spare wheel or a full set, Side By Side Stuff is your go-to for Wolverine wheels and tires. Just when you thought online shopping doesn’t get any better than this, we’ve made it even easier by offering complete premounted Yamaha wheel and tire packages.

Visit our Yamaha Wolverine wheel and tire selection today!


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