SSV Works Can Am Maverick X3 MSA Wheels


With 154 HP and 24 inches of suspension travel, the Can-Am Maverick X3 is designed for unprecedented fun and outstanding performance right out of the gate.  As the sport SxS floods the market the aftermarket accessories will follow.  One of the first common upgrades a UTV owner makes is a new set of aftermarket wheels and tires.


Depending on where you ride and the type of terrain you ride on the right UTV tire can make a difference in the machine’s performance in the field. Whether you ride in the sand dunes, rocky, hard surface terrain or love to hit deep mud holes, at Side By Side Stuff we offer a wide selection of UTV tires so you can get exactly what you need to accommodate your riding style.  New to offroad tires? Click HERE for A Little Help on Choosing the Right Tires for a Side By Side.


Whether you need a heavy duty UTV rim or would like to improve the look of your machine, we offer a variety of aftermarket UTV wheels from top brands, like MSA Wheels, STI, ITP and Vision Wheel, that will give your Can Am Maverick X3 a unique and stylish look. Aftermarket wheels are a great way to stand out in your X3 and give your ride a personal and custom feel.


To simplify your shopping experience, we offer tons of premounted Maverick X3 wheel and tire packages. These premounted kits make installation easy, allowing you to get your new shoes on your machine and get to the trails faster rather than worrying about the hassle of mounting your tires.


So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your machine; browse our selection of Can Am Maverick X3 wheels and tires today.



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