Out of the gate CFMOTO side by sides come equipped with a full range of accessories, which in the long run saves you money, making these machines a great value. However, part of the fun of accessorizing your machine is to personalize it in any style or look you want. True, they already look pretty slick, but if you’re like us you might dare to be different. Since these machines are pretty much pre-accessorized what more can you do to it?

That’s where we can help. One of the first upgrades side x side owners make is aftermarket wheels and tires, at we offer a wide variety of CFMOTO wheels from top brands like MSA, ITP and STI; designed to fit your machine. If you work your machine hard, you may need heavy duty UTV rims, we offer UTV wheels that are constructed to be extremely durable and to handle heavy loads.

The right UTV tire can increase performance depending on the type of terrain you ride. They are designed specifically to terrain for optimal results; at Side By Side Stuff we offer many types of tires with various tread patterns from hard surface terrain and all-terrains to sand and mud. If you’re not sure what type you need check out this blog article: A Little Help on Choosing the Right Tires for a Side By Side.

Want to simplify things? We offer a variety of CFMOTO wheel and tire packages, choose the type of tires you need along with a stylish set of rims and have them delivered pre-mounted right to your door. It’s that easy.

What are you waiting for? Give your side by side a new look, browse our CFMOTO wheel and tire selection today.


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