Polaris General UTV Side By Side


Polaris hit it on the mark with the perfect balance of sport and utility, the General is everything you could ask for in a side by side.  Featuring the best qualities of both Ranger utility vehicle and the sporty RZR, the General is a hybrid mix of the two.  Out of the gate this machine has some very nice features, but like most SxS enthusiasts you’re more than likely eager to personalize your new ride with aftermarket parts and accessories. One of the first upgrades owners usually make is aftermarket wheels and tires.

The right UTV tire can make a big difference in performance while out in the field or riding the trails. Some tires are made for working in the yard while others are made for riding through deep mud holes. You might ask yourself what do I plan to do with my machine? What kind of terrain do I ride?   Whether you plan to use your General for weekend adventures with your buddies or assist you in all those chores you need done around the property, at Side By Side Stuff we have something for you. From deep lug mud boggers, to tight hard packed surface runners, we have a variety of styles and brands to choose from.  Not sure what type of tire you need?  Check out this blog article: A Little Help on Choosing the Right Tires for a Side By Side.

Personalization is popular, once you’ve joined the SxS lifestyle you might feel the urge to express yourself by accessorizing your machine. You can give your rig a new, cool look with a set of UTV wheels. We carry a wide selection from hot name brands like MSA, STI and ITP.  We even have durable heavy duty beadlock UTV rims, constructed to handle heavy loads, for the hard working machine.

Don’t have the time? We’ve simplified things, to make it easier on you we offer variety of Polaris General wheel and tire packages. You can choose the type of tires you need pre-mounted on a stylish set of rims and have them delivered right to your door. It’s that easy.

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Don’t wait to give your side by side a new look, browse our Polaris General wheel and tire selection today.