Polaris General UTV SxS

The Polaris General is a new machine on the market and stands to be a top dog in both the recreation and utility side by side market. However, as with any UTV, upgrades can and will need to be made to utilize your General for both trail and work related tasks and if you want to do just that perhaps you should take a look at all the great LED lighting options at Side By Side Stuff.

There are plenty of options to choose from with applications such as flood style or spot lights and then even the combination of the both in light pods and bars. Let’s take a look at the differences, a spot style beam typically has a narrow beam and is a great option for improving visibility in specific areas, like riding on the trails at night. The flood style beams do exactly what the name would suggest and floods an area with light so it’s great for brightening up a work area or campsite at night.  The combination is a mixture of the both styles of lights and tends to be the best option if you only want one light bar or pod on your machine for wheeling and working.

If you are wanting to better optimize your Polaris General for one style of riding such as rock crawling, dune riding or even being a work rig while up putting up a fence out on the farm we have you covered here at Side by Side Stuff with lights available from manufacturers such as Rigid Industries, MoonShineXXX Lights, Seizmik and so many others.

Take a look at all the lights available for your Polaris General at SideBySideStuff.com



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