If you use your Polaris General for trail riding or work around the property, chances are you’ve come across a few mud holes, tall rocky areas or even low water crossings that look fun to drive through. Although these areas are tempting to drive through, it opens the undercarriage of your machine up for potential damage or worse, getting stuck.

You can reassure yourself with some additional ground clearance by upgrading your suspension components. At Side By Side Stuff, we have a variety of lift kits to choose from, like High Lifter’s 4” lift kit to Super ATV’s massive 7”- 10” lift kit, so you can confidently hit those mud holes without the worry of getting stuck.

You can give yourself even more clearance from to protect yourself from rocks, logs and other debris with high clearance a–arms and control arms. It doesn’t matter which upgrade you make first, either way it’s a step in the right direction to maximize your UTV’s ground clearance and keep your machine rolling.


If you want to gain ground clearance on your SxS, take a look at our Polaris General 1000 Suspension & Lift Kits at SideBySideStuff.com



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