Super ATV rear sport cage Ranger Polaris


When you purchase a UTV, you do so knowing that you’re going to be putting some harsh usage into it. Generally, no one buys an off-road vehicle just to take it out for easy Sunday drives along gentle roads.

Whether you’re using your side by side for work or for play, you’ll be taking it out on the roughest roads, driving in the harshest conditions, and ripping up dirt tracks and rocky roads. A side by side’s biggest selling point is the durability and the fact that it can withstand just about anything that you throw at it, but if you want to take your side by side’s strength to the next level, you’ll want to invest in a few important accessories to toughen it up.


Powerful Tires

A side by side’s greatest strength lies in its tires, and the first Polaris Ranger parts you should look into getting are some rough and ready tires. Make sure your tires are tough, durable, and optimized for the kind of terrain that you’ll be taking your side by side into.

In addition, you’ll probably want to get some tires that have a sleek, intimidating look to them, especially if you’re going to be taking your side by side out to the races. The psychological aspect of intimidating your opponents is extremely important, after all!



A side by side is typically viewed as one of the most stable kinds of off-road vehicles, and will hug the road pretty tightly. However, if you’re going to be driving on dirt roads at high speeds, like in a race, you’ll want to invest in a cage that will protect you and your vehicle in the event of a rollover. It’ll give you the confidence and the security to take tight corners and improve your race time.

Before you head out on your next adventure, outfit your Ranger with the proper Polaris Ranger parts to help you explore safely!

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