Dealing with snow can be a tedious chore. Why not make it an interesting task by adding a snow plow to your Polaris Ranger UTV. Snow plows can help you get through the task of removing snow in a fast and efficient manner. We offer two unique Polaris Ranger plow systems from Extreme Metal Products.

Heavy Duty Snow Plow with Optional Power Angle

This American-made system is built in Cleveland, Ohio, and features 14” thick steel from the USA. When attached to your UTV, this system can help you clear the driveway on at your home, as well as clear the roads throughout your neighborhood.

You can choose to add the electric/hydraulic power angle, which gives you total control over your plow system. Other options include a pivot, which can help you plow snow on uneven edges. The pivot also levels your blade to stop uneven cutting edge issues.

Here’s where you can get yours:

Snow Plow System with Joystick Controller

We also feature the WickedBilt UTV snow plow system, which includes a joystick controller that you can install in your cab. This plow has four-way hydraulic power, allowing you to move the plow from side to side, as well as up and down.

Once the plow is installed, it can be connected and disconnected without any problems. As soon as the winter has ended, you can take your plow off your system, store it, and replace it next season.

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