We’ve known for years now that Polaris is a brand that’s meant for taking things a step further in our industry. Time and again, they’ve stepped forward with amazing innovations. They’ve also shown their compassion and commitment to making the world a better place with their side by sides.

In a recent news story (https://tcbmag.com/News/Recent-News/2014/March/Polaris-To-Supply-Boy-Scouts-With-ATVs,-Safety-Gea), it was announced that Polaris would be donating side by side vehicles to scout camps as part of a 10 year exclusive partnership with the Boy Scouts of America. We at SideBySideStuff.com think this is a great achievement – not just because it’s Polaris reaching out to the community. We also feel this is a great way for young scouts to get exposure to these vehicles and to see how these machines can actually be put to work safely and effectively. Overall, really cool stuff – but we wouldn’t expect any less from Polaris!

“Because our off-road vehicles are predominantly used and purchased by men and families that love the outdoors (i.e. hunting, fishing, camping), establishing a positive, fun Polaris brand experience with Boy Scouts is good business—it helps to create future customers,” Jan Rintamaki, Polaris’ director of customer experience, told Twin Cities Business in the article announcing the move. “In addition with the strident safety program in place with this partnership, teaching youth how to enjoy our products safely and in an environmentally responsible manner also ensures the long-term sustainability of the sport.”

Awesome job, Polaris! We look forward to seeing more about how this partnership shapes up in the coming years!