Wow. This is really cool.

According to a recent release from Polaris Industries, Inc., this UTV building powerhouse has come up with an airless “never-flat” tire tailored for our nation’s troops. The tire was unveiled at the U.S. Army’s 2012 Annual Meeting & Exposition in Washington to much excitement. If this rolls out to the military, the implications could be huge.

Each airless tire core is made with a web of plastic honeycombs and is surrounded by a thick band of rubber tread. Though Polaris didn’t invent the technology, it did play a critical part in making it a reality. The airless tire was developed by inventor Ali Manesh, a Ph.D. mechanical engineer and the first prototypes were actually part of a startup, Resilient Technologies, which was bought up by Polaris earlier this year.

From the stats provided in the release, these are some badass tires too. So far, the Army is testing eight Polaris tires on military ATVs to see how they measure up against wicked terrain, bullets, and debris.

In the future, there’s a possibility that this technology could be rolled out to general consumers for use on farms, ranches, fields, factories, or trails.

To learn more about this marvel – and what it could mean for the UTV industry – check out this release from Polaris in the Star Tribune: