Rough terrain can make trial-riding thrilling, but also expose you to certain dangers if you are not prepared. As you get set for your next long trip, whether you are scouting a new location for the day or staying overnight, make sure you have plenty of supplies on hand.


Flashlights– For early mornings, late nights and anytime engine repairs, a flashlight is a resource every serious rider should have on hand. Even it’s it a small one, it can make all the difference if you end up in a sticky situation. Make sure the flashlight is charged or has batteries, and is water-resistant.

Map and Compass – You may not be a boy scout, but the fact is, a compass can still help you find your way home. Sometimes cell phones fail us, losing battery or getting out of reach of service, and finding our way back to the beginning of the trail becomes quite a hurdle.

Dual Battery Kit – This last suggestion isn’t as much of a necessity as the option to have more power. If you have already added aftermarket parts to your UTV, like winches or a new speakers system, you might not be getting enough power from your engine. Once you’ve installed a dual battery kit, you can run more accessories without being afraid your battery will fail you.



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