gator waders


Spending hours splashing through the mud on your favorite trail is a fantastic way to spend the weekend. While you may love watching water spraying from the tires and sinking the tread right into the soggy dirt, it doesn’t mean you want that grime and liquid squishing between your toes. Wearing waders, like the Throttle Series Camo Waders by Gator Waders, can protect you from getting soaked.


Here are some Pro Tips for wearing waders:

  • Always check your waders before slipping your feet in – Oftentimes those waders are stored outside or in the garage until the next use. Even when you’re camping, they may be left outside your tent. During that time, bugs and lizards can decide to make them their home. Before stepping on a live one, turn your boots upside down and shake out any rogue dirt or unwelcome creatures from your waders.
  • Check for leaks – As your prepping your gear for the next day on the trails, take a minute to do a leak check on your waders. Pour water over the bottoms of your shoes to make sure no rocks or sticks penetrated the surface on your last ride. If you see bubbles or put your hand in the boots of your waders and note any wetness, it might be time for a new pair of waders.


Once you have some durable waders, you can focus on your next trail maneuver rather than waiting hours for your old sneakers and clothes to dry out.


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