Polaris RZR UTV Bumper


When you race with a side by side, you do so knowing that it’ll be one monster of a ride. Side by side races are some of the toughest in the racing world whether it’s over mud, rocks, pitted roads, or all of the above. That’s exactly where the thrill comes from for so many side by side enthusiasts.

When you’re racing at high speeds, it’s only natural that your vehicle will occasionally take a spill, and you’ll more than likely end up bumping into rocks, trees, other riders, or who knows what else. While side by sides are designed to take a beating, you’ll still want to invest in some high-quality, impact-resistant accessories if you want to be able to enjoy your vehicle for years to come.


When outfitting your side by side, you should consider UTV bumpers. A good bumper is essential when you’re taking your side by side out for some extreme side by side adventures.

You’ll be taking tough turns and inching up next to your opponents, and you’ll definitely have a high likelihood of taking a hit or two. When you do, it’s important to have a hard bumper that’s capable of withstanding impact without cracking or exposing more delicate parts of your UTV to damage.

Tough Doors
In addition to UTV bumpers, you’ll definitely want to invest in some hardcore doors to preserve your ride. The doors in your side by side need to withstand some serious beatings in order to get the job done, like bumps from other riders and scrapes from branches and other foliage along the way.

Installing quality UTV bumpers and doors that can stand up to a beating without adding a ton of extra weight to your ride is just one of the many ways to protect and maintain the lifetime of your side by side vehicle.

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