YXZ Yamaha Lift Kit Big Tires


Whether you’re looking to join the competitive racing circuit, or just want to hit the tracks and race against your buddies, a side by side is more fun when you can drive fast. You’ve probably researched which brands give you the most horsepower, but did you know that a few simple aftermarket add-ons can greatly increase your side by side’s speed and performance? This can give you the competitive edge in close races, where the slightest dip in power or technique could cost you first place. Here are a couple of accessories you can add onto your side by side to make sure you make your way into the winner’s circle.


Optimize Your Tires

You should make sure that your tires are exactly what you need for any given race, and that they’re optimized for the road conditions you’ll be facing. You’ll want the right balance between traction and speed, so that you’ll be able to overtake the competition on tight corners. Additionally, if you’re looking to get into the bigger competitive races, you’ll want UTV wheels that fit your style, so that you can start building some recognition and a fan base.


Sit up High

Some off-road conditions are worse than others, and if you’re going to be facing a track that’s particularly torn-up, you’ll want to get yourself a higher suspension kit to conquer it. A side by side that sits too low to the ground could risk getting stuck in the mud, and you could end up costing yourself valuable time while also doing damage to your undercarriage. Look into getting a suspension kit to raise your side by side a few critical inches off the ground, and leave your opponents in the mud.



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