We can’t emphasis enough on how important the safety of you and your passengers are when riding in your UTV.  One of the first parts and accessory upgrades we urge you to make to your side by side is a set of harnesses. PRP Seats, known for offering some of the coolest, high quality, custom aftermarket UTV seats on the market, offers a selection of fashionable yet high in quality safety harnesses.

PRP offers 2 inch and 3 inch 5 point harnesses; some harnesses even include a variety of colors to choose from to fit your machine’s color scheme.  Not only will you be keeping you and your passengers safe, you’ll be looking cool too.  PRP 5 point harnesses feature a removable sternum strap and “quick adjusters” on the shoulders to help reduce the effort required to make harness adjustments. PRP harnesses come standard with black hardware and features an easy release mechanism.

Click here to purchase 3 inch PRP 5 point harnesses.

Click here to purchase 2 inch PRP 5 point harnesses.

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