Seizmik Pursuit Aluminum Break Away Side Mirrors


Did a recent UTV accident leave you without side view mirrors? Whether your UTV took a hard roll or whipped around a tight corner, it might be time to replace side view mirrors that broke off. Now is the time to start checking out options for aftermarket side view mirrors from Side By Side Stuff.


With new Polaris mirrors in place, you will once again be able to experience the following riding advantages:

  • Follow the leader: When all your friends are out on a tight trail, you might line up single file to drive through. When you have people following behind you and you encounter a fork in the road, you want to make sure no man is left behind. Take a glimpse in that side mirror, confirm they’re there and gun it!
  • View vehicles trying to pass: Heading to the most popular trails can mean dealing with a bit of traffic. Make sure you have a clear view of anyone trying to pass you by glimpsing in the mirror, rather than craning your neck to look around.
  • Maneuver out of difficult locations: When you’re stuck in the mud, a creek or rocky area, you want as clear a view as possible to figure out how to get your UTV loose. While some occasions require the help of a winch and a friend, other situations just require the right amount of rocking your UTV back and forth.



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