Rockford Fosgate did their thang at the 2021 High Lifter ERX Off-Road Rally in Minnesota, and from the looks of it… they were not disappointed. People came from around the country to play in the mud and show off their machines. Rockford Fosgate was all up in it, staking their claim at the notorious bounty hole. You know they didn’t do it silently. They were surrounded by the sound of music blaring out of one of their badass systems. 


Rockford Fosgate has been in the audio industry for decades, showing up where it matters with high-quality systems that people couldn’t get enough of. It’s no wonder they ventured into the offroad realm. Now, Rockford is currently one of the largest UTV sound system manufacturers on the planet. You won’t find better digs when it comes to style and performance than these side-by-side audio units. They are made to last while packing crazy incredible sound PUNCH.


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