Step aside Marvin Gaye, the Seizmik boys are taking over and wooing Powersports enthusiasts with the ever so functional sleek Halo-RA Rearview Mirror

When it comes to offroad side view and rearview mirrors, Seizmik is never a disappointment. These UTV accessories feature a practical, durable design that will meet the outdoorsman’s demands and the buggy-busting outlaws. We’re talking solid cast aluminum, right down to the ball stud. Even the hardware is dripping with pure unadulterated strength.  On top of that unrelenting build, Seizmik has added that oh so sexy aesthetics that would turn anyone head. And don’t even get us started on the Halo RA Rear Mirror’s features.

Shop Seizmik Halo RA Rear View Mirrors

Those Seizmik boys weren’t playing when they said, “Don’t be blind… Light up the cab, light up the cab!” Pick your passion or color to bring you the illumination you need and the visibility you want, for pulling those all-nighters. Oh, and let’s not forget, if you “jump 100 foot and don’t stay put,” Seizmik’s mirrors are backed by a lifetime warranty.

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