Seizmik Polaris RZR


Here at Side By Side Stuff we take pride in our customer service and so do the good people at Seizmik.  In fact, Seizmik goes way above and beyond just about anything else you’ll experience.

Seizmik has an unlimited lifetime warranty on all of their mirrors.  That means that if you break a mirror for any reason at all, they will replace the part for free – forever.  And they even pay the shipping!  You don’t need a receipt or any other paperwork – all it takes to get a free replacement mirror is to have a broken Seizmik mirror.


Check out some of the feedback they get on the forums:


When you call Seizmik with a problem, any problem at all, the person who answers the phone is empowered and technically capable to help.  And a real person answers the phone! There aren’t a lot of companies that are truly ‘doing it right’ anymore, but Seizmik is certainly one of the few.


Take a look at the Seizmik UTV mirrors available at Side By Side Stuff. 

Seizmik Rear View Mirror

Rear View Mirror


Seizmik Pursuit Aluminum Break Away Side Mirrors

Pursuit Aluminum Break Away Side Mirrors


Break Away Side Mirror |Sold in Pairs|

Break Away Side Mirrors


Side View Mirrors |Sold in Pairs|

Side View Mirrors





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