When you’re good, you’re good, and this month’s pics are dang good. We’ve got outstanding scenic shots along with killer buggy builds that have us dripping with envy. The customizations this month were nothing short of hell-to-the-yeah spectacular. Before we show off September’s top ten, let’s go over the logistics on how you can get your ride featured in next month’s draft.

All you have to do is take a snap of you, doing what you do, or you can take a pic of your rig. You can get scenic, creative, or simply highlight the hard work you’ve put into your machine. Either way, we want to see it! Once you have your shot, send that thang via direct message to Side By Side Stuff’s insta, and you’ll be entered to win the bragging rights and a feature in next month’s article. Don’t forget to get your friends involved because it’s Side By Side Stuff junkies that choose who makes the cut.

Now, let’s get to it.


Clean and sleek at its finest.


Taking it back to the OG with this “slug” buggy.




Unbeaten path pic for the win.


This view!


This pic doesn’t even need a caption. WOW!


Sent it and conquered it.


Who needs a car wash when you can do this!


Roading to the next level.


Loving this tank-tough aesthetic. We took a cruise in this air conditioned buggy at the Riding for a Reason Fall Event! Read up on the event recap: CLICK HERE. 


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