Let’s take a minute to appreciate how diverse the powersports community is. The group consists of every type of enthusiast with all kinds of ride demands. There are rigs decked out for deep timber traveling to post up for a hunt. You’ve got backbreaking farmers, using their apparatus to be more efficient with chores. Property managers provided the ability to quickly get from one house to another to complete their tasks. Then on the other side of the spectrum, you’ve got rippers, crawlers, trailers, duners, drifters, boggers, and offroad crusaders that send it on the extreme.

One common issue in all those vehicles is the lack of visibility. Most UTVs do not come standard with any component that allows for visual awareness. It’s a real “pain-in-the-neck!” Pun intended. Whether maneuvering through trails or headed to tend cattle, for rear or side views, you’ve got to get in a cockeyed yoga pose to have any range of vision. Who wants to be twisting and turning like that?

What’s great about the industry is it doesn’t matter how your vehicle comes from the factory. Manufacturers are working round the clock to put forth innovative aftermarket accessories that provide worker buggies and breaking bad buggies, the necessary increase in functionality. UTV side mirrors are one of those accessories. Speaking of, what is the deal with so many different offroad side mirror options?

Sure, we all love being able to customize our rig, but the process of choosing can get downright overwhelming. There are so many on the market ranging in size, shape, construction, even function. So, how do we know which one will meet our specific demands?

Let’s Narrow Down the Search

The first step in eliminating some of those options is recognizing what you most utilize your rig for. Are you more on the utility side, a cross over between work and play, or are you more on the sports end? Once you’ve established what the primary function of the machine is, you’re ready to narrow things down.

For the Utility Vehicle

When it comes to utility vehicles, it’s all about efficiency and serviceability. These machines are often being put in reverse, potentially used more on gravel roads, around livestock, etc. It’s crucial to have a clear vision field without having to take your eyes off the scenery ahead. Here are some characteristics to help you differentiate which SxS mirrors will offer an adequate visibility range.


  • Mirrors that are elongated vertically
  • Mirror range is larger
  • Mirror design is straightforward and practical
  • Construction is high-impact materials, lightweight

For the Sport Vehicle

Those who spend their free time tackling terrain challenges will find offroad side mirrors that take on their own unique aesthetic. After all, not only do you have to get that visual clarity, but you’ve got to look good doing it too, right? Below you will find attributes of UTV side mirrors that are practical and cosmetically pleasing.


  • Mirrors generally have a horizontal design
  • Aerodynamic structure
  • Constructed from heavy-duty materials
  • Have an aggressive aesthetic

Knowing What You Want

Using the above “rules of thumb” to narrow down your search is excellent for ditching some of that shopping dread. However, before you make the purchase plunge, be sure you study each aftermarket side mirror. Even though you’ve narrowed down your options, you will find each mirror set is uniquely crafted to meet individual visual needs.

One perk that is beneficial across the board is the breakaway feature. Not all offroad side mirrors come with a breakaway mechanism, but it’s highly recommended for any machine. The device prevents the mirror from being damaged by folding when the component is hit by any objects. You also can fold the mirror when running through tight spaces.

Warranties are another biggie to factor in when on the hunt for the perfect side by side mirror. Some brands come with a full lifetime warranty. When we say, no questions asked, it’s an understatement. With other manufacturers, you receive what’s called a limited warranty. What this means is if the assembly is defective, then the set can be entirely replaced. Finally, others have no warranty at all. So, what you get is what you get.

Here’s the deal. There are so many products on the market today that it can make the experience less than desirable. Side By Side Stuff wants to put a nip in that! We are on a mission to get you the low-down, help you sort out your options, get you decked out in your new accessories, and back out to pasture or the trails. If you’re struggling with making choices, drop a comment below if we don’t know the answer, we’ll find it for you.

For aftermarket UTV side mirrors, get your purchase-on at SideBySideStuff.com.


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