Blog Post PicYou may have been waiting all year for this – or at least since spring – for hitting the trails in your side by side once the snow falls! However, it’s not all fun and games; you should be prepared for whatever setbacks may occur. Being stranded in your side by side once the temperatures drop can be dangerous. And nowhere near as fun as how you anticipated your adventure to be. Here are some valuable tips essential to winter riding!

• Winch – If you find yourself stuck, a winch will make the entire process of getting unstuck a lot less stressful on you and your ride.

• Spare goods – It’s never a bad idea to pack some extra socks, long underwear, gloves and a few wool blankets. In the winter months, staying warm and dry is crucial to safety.

• Snacks – Packing some water and food is always a good idea. You many not think you’ll need to eat, but you probably didn’t expect to get stuck or lost, either.

• Medical supplies – Take a first aid kit along in case someone in your party should become injured.

• Bags – Trash bags or shopping bags are ideal for storing wet clothes, dry clothes or garbage. Small, sealable sandwich bags are perfect for storing survival items like matches, paper or steel wool.

• Phone – Always take a cell phone with you on your adventures. Store it in a baggie or a pocket that you know won’t damage its condition.

• Lights – A flashlight is a good item to have because winter side by side riding occurs during the shortest days of the year. A few mishaps thrown your way and nightfall may arrive sooner than you expected!