One of the many great perks of owning and operating a UTV is the ease of use during the winter months for snow removal. Having a snowplow can cut your shoveling time down to practically nothing. Consider attaching a plow for mulch, grass clippings and leaves, too! Here are a few great models to consider for snow plow side by side accessories before you invest in a plow.

  • Denali Standard Series Plow – Get ready for some real power with a Denali Standard Series Plow as it is built to withstand anything you are looking to move. This standard plow also has upgrade options such as a rubber flap, metal hold down bar or optional plow markers for proximity to snow mounds or other vehicles.
  • Super ATV PlowPro Snow Plow – The Super ATV PlowPro has the power to move heavy amounts of snow with ease. The accommodation of this kit enables the user to customize high lift kits of any size. Some models include plow markers and easy bolt on design, so that there is no drilling into your UTV.
  • Cycle Country Straight Steel Blade – This final plow is slightly cheaper, if price is your main concern, but it still packs a punch! Consider the optional add-ons for this model to bring it up to speed for maximum efficiency. These upgrades include plow markers, a rubber plow flap and plow wings to reduce overflow and move many different kinds of materials, such as gravel and mulch.


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