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Located just north of Pacific City, Oregon, the Sand Lake Recreation Area is the perfect spot for hitting the dunes in your side by side. Sand Lake covers over 1,000 acres of wide-open sand dunes nestled in the heart of the Pacific Northwest forest and bordering the Pacific Ocean. A number of recreational opportunities are at your fingertips at Sand Lake.

The recreation area at Sand Lake attracts riders from all over the Northwestern United States and beyond. For those who make the trek from other regions, there are year-round campgrounds available for spending a night or two. There is an estuary nearby for swimming, kayaking, fishing and crabbing. Other activities offered in this area are hiking and viewing wildlife. There are plenty of water fowl to be seen!

Even if you’re interested in visiting Sand Lake but are unable to get your side by side vehicle there for whatever reason, all is not lost – there are rentals available from a local shop.

Please note, all riders at Sand Lake must first obtain a permit to ride from an off-highway vehicle permit location in and around Pacific City. Permits issued in other states may be valid, but it is best to check first. Riders must also be familiar with the rules and regulations for such vehicles as established by the State of Oregon.

Get your gear and your side by side ready to hit the open road – or should we say, the open sand! Check out all that Sand Lake has to offer all throughout the year.