The Mojave Desert… Stuff junkies, this mecca for trailing puts a whole new meaning to the word off-roading. With 100s of miles of uncharted territory and some of the country’s roughest topography, these are the grounds industry leaders go to evaluate their goods. If it can withstand the transgressions of the Mojave Desert, it will take your rough stuff and then some. Why wouldn’t a powerhouse like SSV Works want to put their side-by-side offroad sound systems to the ultimate test?


SSV Works is no joke. They are one of the leading competitors in UTV audio systems and technical devices. With over 25 years of experience under their belt, they have perfected the art of engineering aftermarket sound kits from subwoofers to soundbars, right down to fully loaded audio units. Take to the bank the durability factor. The proof… blasting sick beats through the Mojave Desert with zero inhibitions… they just sent it.


To get your hands on SSV Works, tap the button and outfit your offroad car with a quality sound system. Get your purchase on at