Say hello to the historical Rubicon Trail in Northern Cali. This extreme course began as a coach and horse route in the 1800’s between Georgetown and Lake Tahoe, where the “Jones’” would get their old school resort treatments. Now, this bad boy ranks right up there with one of the most radical offroad UTV trails in the United States. There is nothing but miles and miles of unkempt terrain with intense obstacles at every turn. That didn’t stop System 3 from taking the D.O.T. approved XCR350 SxS tires for a test spin.


System 3 has been making major waves in the Powersports community with its stellar offroad wheels and tires. After making their way through the buggy-busting Rubicon Trail, there is no question the supreme carcass compounds matched by staggered shoulder treads provide the ultimate traction for any treacherous terrain. The multi-angled tread patterns result in a maximized bite for a grip that won’t disappoint.


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