All we can say about the RZR XP 900 Desert Edition is: NICE.

With a four-stroke engine, the Polaris RZR XP Desert Edition 1000 can generate 110 horsepower, and the front of the vehicle features an 16-inch stabilizer bar that allows the UTV to handle very well when traveling on sand or in mud. Additionally, this utility task vehicle has a sizable cargo box in the rear, a navigation system and a large skid plate.  You’ve got the rundown on the major features, but let’s take a look at what Polaris rolled out for this ride in this edition:

The Dimensions and The Suspension System

The vehicle  features a ground clearance of 13.5 inches, and as a result, it can drive over most rocks while simultaneously maintaining a particularly low center of gravity. It also has rear-wheel drive, but you can adjust the system to only use front-wheel drive at any time. You’ve got the control – and the suspension is just the icing on the cake.

The rear suspension system contains a 16-inch bar and shock absorbers that are specifically designed for the terrain of a desert and are fully adjustable. Plus, the vehicle has 30-inch wheels and 15-inch beadlocks, and the wheels are made of a tough aluminum. Add on your aftermarket rims and tires if you’d like, but out of the gate, not a bad start!


The 4.3-inch monitor in the UTV’s interior can provide information about your ride’s overall performance at all times and it automatically assesses and explains the operating conditions. Handy, right? The display also has the ability to offer diagnostic codes and will recommend certain strategies that the owner can use to fix hiccups that might happen out while you’re riding.

The Intake System

Polaris installed a new cover for the clutch and added a component that has the shape of a double helix, and the device can supply twice as much air as regular intake systems. Moreover, the part is able to reduce the clutch’s temperature by approximately 50 degrees F.

The Body and The Interior

Equipped with particularly thick doors and a solid aluminum roof, the exterior of this UTV can stand up to the desert no problem. In order to improve visibility during the night, a large LED light has been added to the bar positioned above the hood.

The seats have been designed by PRP, and they feature side protectors and are attached to six-point seat belts. The colors of each seat will match the tone of the vehicle’s exterior. Cool, coordinated, and ready to roll – just how we like it.

For detailed specs on this new roll out from Polaris, check out the overview over on UTV Guide– they’ve got the scoop!