When it comes to getting the job done at a work site, you can’t do any better than to have a reliable side-by-side UTV on hand to haul gear. A side-by-side gives you the ability to haul cargo across treacherous terrain. It combines a powerful engine with a lightweight, versatile body that is perfectly suited for getting work done in harsh conditions. When you’re hauling gear across a work site, you need to maximize your efficiency so that you’re keeping the workflow going smoothly, which will keep you on schedule and keep your profit margins high. Here are some important tips for hauling gear with your side-by-side.


Haul in the Winter

When you’re working a tough work site in the wintertime, you absolutely need some Polaris accessories that will help you navigate the harsh winter terrain. After all, your work doesn’t stop just because the weather gets cold, and if you want to be able to keep your work on schedule during the winter, you’ll have to figure out a way to haul gear across snowy or icy terrain. Get your side-by-side outfitted with some high-quality ski and track systems, which will allow you to keep your workflow going even across frozen conditions.


Get Some Extra Cargo Space

While side-by-sides offers a whole lot more cargo space than your typical ATV, you can get even more cargo space by installing some cargo racks. This is practically a must at a big work site, when you have to be hauling all kinds of gear, tools and equipment from one place to the next, and you don’t have the time to make second trips for anything. Boosting your cargo space with some cargo racks will give you the power you need to make sure you’re moving gear as efficiently and quickly as possible with your side-by-side.



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