From tug of war and water skiing to mud bogging and some really close calls, we’ve had quite the variety of videos in July. Several of which were very unique, thanks for that guys, we love posting content that’s a little out of the ordinary. We had so many great UTV videos last month; we even had a hard time narrowing down our bonus videos so there are plenty to enjoy this round. 


As always, our Top 10 Videos are judged based on the most views on Instagram. Big thanks to everyone who submitted. You can submit your SxS video clip for an Instagram feature by sending it via Direct Message on Instagram. Without further ado, here’s our Top 10 Instagram Video Clips from July.


We love it when a Stuff fan puts together a good video.


Here’s a game we’re all familiar with, but have you tried it in a UTV?


Coming in hot.


Great idea for a fun summer activity.





This hill again? We’d give it try.





This just looks fun.


Now that’s a delivery.


This was too cute.


Glad the camera guy was okay.


Send it Al, send it.


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Top 10 Instagram Video Clips | June


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