Lots of high speed action, plus a few mud bogs and shenanigans in October’s Top 10, even one of our wipe out video clips from the wheelie contest at UTV Takeover Oklahoma made the cut. It was cool to see a couple of our favorite UTV racers, Gray Leadbetter and Kevin Cutts, make the cut as well. Kevin has even shared some of his race reports with us, check out his latest race report by clicking the link below his clip.   


As always, our Top 10 Videos are ranked by the most views. To get your video featured, share it with us via Direct Message on Instagram. You never know, you could make it on one of our Top 10 posts. Here are our Top 10 Instagram Video Clips for the month of October.


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Feeling intimidated?


Zoom. Take a look at the latest Race Report from Cutts Racing.


Take a look at our event reap, videos and a ton of photos from UTV Takeover Oklahoma.


A guy’s got to eat.





That hurt just watching.




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Top 10 Instagram Video Clips | September


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