A little muddin’, a little action and some silliness, we had quite the variety of video clips in September. It was interesting to see our number one video was just a guy hosing off his machine; we have to agree there is something satisfying about seeing a muddy machine getting hosed off after a good day’s ride. Number six on the list might be our favorite, we got a good laugh; it’s just a typical dad thing that many of us can relate to. Number nine on the list was pretty cool too, UTVs are definitely a great way to sight see around this great country.

These Top 10 Videos are ranked by the most views. If you have a SxS video clip you’d like to see featured, send it to us via direct message on Instagram, your video could very well end up right here on our Top 10. Without further ado, here are our Top 10 Video Clips from the month of September.


He may need a little more water pressure.


Crazy kids.


Love it, he was booking it.


Looks like fun.


We all have that guy in our group.


Too funny.




This is awesome.



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