There is no doubt that UTV drive belts are one of those wear parts that consistently need to be replaced. Those bad boys get the brunt of the stress when it comes to rocking and rolling through tough terrains or heavy hauling around the farm. It’s safe to say that replacing your OEM drive belt with a quality stock alternative is crucial to your cause.

Timken Belts, one of the leading SxS drive belt manufacturers in the world, couldn’t agree more. They’ve been blasting the powersports community with technical components for years, from way, way back. We’re talking 1899, way back! They invented the raw edge cog-belt in 1926, opened a belt plant in Springfield, Missouri, in 1959, and began building powersports belts in the mid-1960s. It’s here that they continue to supply offroad crusaders with quality side by side Ultimax drive belts, just right for their specific ride demands.

So how can they meet your offroad demands?


Here’s the thing about Ultimax Belts by Timken. It’s not just a one-size-fits-all kind of module. They have designed the drivetrain part to accommodate each machine application with OEM fitment specifications. In other words, they fit like a glove, but they’ve got more grit for the grind.

Ultimax can dish out these outstanding UTV drive belts because of the extensive testing, state-of-the-art technology, and their highly qualified engineering team. They have made it their mission to bring every rider from hardworking farmers to adrenaline junkies, precisely what they need to capitalize on their driveline performance. Ultimax takes pride in their products and their desire to satisfy enthusiasts with the best offroad experience available.

Good, better, and best.


Each of these drive belts shares some common ground. Firstly, they are branded by an industry leader that has been making belts longer than anyone else in the business. Secondly, Ultimax field tests its formulas over one million miles a year. Yes, we said one million! Finally, Ultimax and their engineer team have cultivated these uniquely blended compounds that are better equipped with higher heat resilience to eliminate common belt failures. Let’s get a closer look into seeing what makes these aftermarket drive belts stand out from the rest.

Ultimax HQ – The Good (1-year warranty)

The Ultimax HQ is an excellent choice for ranchers, farmers, casual trail riders, etc. If you’re interested in bang for your buck, this is the option to consider. Ultimax designs this UTV drive belt to grip better and have a longer performance life while offering the same performance capacity as your OEM belt.

Ultimax UA – The Better (2-year warranty)

This Ultimax UA belt is another option if you are the offroad enthusiast who likes to push the envelope a bit. It has increased tolerance to heat and friction, which provides a better shifting response as well as a longer performance life. Hit trails with confidence when your driveline is donning a UA belt.

Ultimax XP – The Best (3-year warranty)

Now for the nitty-gritty. The Ultimax XP, the most popular of the three belts, is for the extreme adrenaline junky who likes to put their rig through extreme buggy-busting abuse. These side by side drive belts are designed with maximum flex and rigidity to accommodate the stress incurred while ripping up harsh terrain. It’s formulation virtually eliminates variances, which means hardcore riding without constant belt shredding.

Getting what you deserve!


Here’s the bottom line. The offroad lifestyle comes with a whole lot of grit, and it’s all about that one-of-a-kind experience that gets your heart pumping partnered with white-knuckling. Shouldn’t your rig be-able to keep up with your intensity? The answer is yes, and with Ultimax and their SxS drive belts, that’s what you get. It’s one of the most reliable, most capable, and most durable driveline components on the planet. When you’re ready to take your drivetrain to the next level of clutching, gear up with a quality Ultimax drive belt by shopping at