Polaris RZR

While some people are content with country drives in their car, some of us crave something a bit more extreme. If you’re the kind of person who likes to live on the edge and make the most of every adventure, then a UTV is right up your alley. You’ll be able to explore the edges of wilderness and get away from all the trappings of civilization, including the overcrowded campgrounds full of RVs.

If you plan to take your UTV out into the roughest terrain, you’ll need to install a few aftermarket add-ons to keep your vehicle in good health, so that your adventure doesn’t end up beating up on your UTV and causing extensive damage. Here are a few important accessories necessary for exploring:


Skid Guards

When it comes to UTV parts, one of the biggest no-brainers is a good set of skid guards. After all, you’ll probably be taking your side by side out into hardcore mud tracks and rocky trails, and if you take turns at a high speed you’ll end up kicking up a lot of dirt and debris that can cause damage to your engine or undercarriage.

Skid guards are easy to install, and they help protect some of the vulnerable parts of your side by side from excessive damage. Look into getting a good set of skid guards so you can tear around corners without issue.



The further you take your side by side out into the wilderness, the more you need to worry about dangers from above. Whether it’s falling branches, loose acorns, or torrential rains, you’ll need a roof to protect you so that anything falling from above won’t end up falling onto your head or onto your seats, ruining the material.



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