Whether you use your side by side for work or play you rely on your rig to get you where you want to go, why not ensure the reliability of your machine with the right parts and accessories. Camso, an industry leader in designing and manufacturing tires, tracks and track systems for the offroad market; offers a solution to take your UTV’s performance to the next level with a UTV track system that will never let you down.

How It Works
In terrain where wheels just sink, a UTV track system is designed to keep you moving. The wider footprint of the track maximizes flotation, this means the weight of your SxS is distributed over a greater surface area and ground pressure exerted by your SxS is reduced by an average of 75% (this number varies depending on the machine’s weight and the load it’s carrying). Result: Drive just about anywhere, on any type of terrain.

Known as the “Road Free Company”, Camso has dedicated themselves to those whose line of work or area of recreation is on a surface that isn’t a road. They focus their efforts, imagination and perseverance to outperform in their products and services as well as achieving greater results in the agriculture, construction, material handling and powersports markets.


The name Camso combines the best of Camoplast and Solideal, the two companies joined together in 2010, combining their visions, beliefs and expertise; molding them into the industry leader they are today. Until recently the company was known as Camoplast Solideal, but with employees in 27 countries and distribution partners in over 100, the global brand spawned a shorter and easier name to pronounce: Camso.

Camoplast began in 1982 with a team of engineers and developers investing their efforts in the development of enhanced tracks for snowmobiles. While mastering the development of belts for OEMs and aftermarket clients they eventually decided to leverage their knowledge and expertise to the development of proprietary products, Camoplast introduced a growing product line of track systems for agricultural equipment, compact equipment, ATVs and UTVs.
Solideal debuted in 1984, producing solid tires out of Sri Lanka. At this time forklift tires where primarily pneumatic and produced in western countries, Solideal believed that it made more sense to produce tires close to the source of the raw materials. They also believed that for the usage a forklift faces every day, solid tires where a better solution. To better serve the needs of the material handling and construction aftermarkets, they started to produce pneumatic tires in 1990, then wheels in 1995.

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If you’re looking for top quality, durability and superior performance the TS4 Track System is the way to go, SxS tracks feature Camso’s exclusive patented front flex-track technology. Flexible sides and a slight curve toward the inside of the track offers unmatched stability and provides a more comfortable ride than traditional flat tracks as well as splatter reduction from mud or snow.

Getting a different SxS is no problem. You can keep your track system and install it on your new machine, model specific transfer kits are available from the manufacturer. Unlike other UTV track kits on the market, the T4S Track System is specially adapted with an engine specific sprocket. This optimizes your vehicle’s performance, utilizing the maximum available horsepower and torque.

Easy to install and uninstall, Camso estimates you can get the job done in an hour or less with a few basic tools, however they recommend that you have an authorized dealer carry out the first installation. (Average installation time varies depending on SxS make and model.)

You can find Camso’s tough, reliable UTV track systems at Side By Side Stuff. We offer a selection for a variety of machines including the Polaris RZR, Can Am Maverick and Kawasaki Teryx. Grip tight and go anywhere with a SxS track system, just visit our Camso brand page today.