If you’re the type of person who loves to go on adventures deep into the woods, the type who likes to explore uncharted territory and isn’t afraid to get your hands dirty, then you’re probably a proud owner of a UTV.

If you like to take your ride out into challenging terrain, then you’re most likely aware of the danger of getting stuck in the mud. Whether you’re driving through a puddle or a deep muddy trail, the mud can pose a real problem, even for a vehicle as versatile as a UTV. If you ever find yourself stuck in some mud, save yourself the embarrassment of calling up a buddy to help you, and instead follow these simple tips:

Winch It
Before you ever go out into muddy territory, you should look into UTV winches. Should you find yourself stuck in the mud, a winch is the ideal resource. Not to mention, it’ll give you the confidence to tackle muddy terrain without fearing that you will end up stuck. Winches are easy to install, and they’re worth their weight in gold when you’re traveling on difficult terrain. Just make sure to wrap your line around something sturdy that won’t snap under pressure, and you’ll be able to break free in no time.

Use the Momentum
Without the help of UTV winches, you can still try to get your UTV out, you will just have to do it manually. First, you’ll straighten out your wheels and use your momentum to carry you through the mud puddle. Then try to get a moving start so that you don’t end up stopped in the mud. Do not turn off your engine if you do get stuck, since that will lead to flooding.



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