UTV Sand Sport Super Show


This being our first time to the Sand Sports Super Show, we weren’t sure what to expect. We knew ahead of time this was the biggest off road expo in the world and that many aftermarket parts and accessory companies would be there showcasing their new products. We knew with that, those companies would work very hard to get a UTV or several UTVs ready for the show completely decked out and looking their finest. We knew there would be “some” really cool side by sides along with some killer sand rails, but what we didn’t know is that when we walked through the entry gates of the show we would be overwhelmed with so many sick side by sides we didn’t even know where to start.

We can easily say that UTVs dominate at the Sand Sports Super Show. Row after row, from building to building, side by sides are everywhere. Because it’s what we do, we took the liberty of taking some pics of some of the coolest rigs so far. Enjoy.


When we said some, we mean it. There’s a ton more, so tune in to our Instagram and Snapchat throughout the weekend to get a peak at what we’re seeing and stay tuned because an event recap of the 2016 Sand Sports Super Show is coming with even more photos.



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