Lifted Polaris Ranger Lift Kits Suspension


When you’re out at your local park in your Polaris Ranger you’re sure to encounter a low water crossing or a mud hole that looks entertaining to cross, but as with any level of water or mud it can be deceiving as to just how deep it actually is. This means it can cause unwanted damage to an ill-equipped and unsuspecting SxS. At Side By Side Stuff we carry a variety of Polaris Ranger lift kits and suspension components that are sure to benefit your machine in any deep situation.

The additional ground clearance means that you can be confident in hitting that mud hole or water crossing without the worry of getting stuck or damaging your machine. With additional ground clearance not only will you be safe from flooding your Ranger but also from rocks, logs and other debris that a stock UTV would not otherwise be protected from.

These kits are often easy to install and usually include all the hardware needed to install on your Ranger, from a mild 2” lift kit from Super ATV to a wild 6” lift kit from High Lifter Products and everything in between.

When it comes to clearance we have you covered, take a look at our Polaris Ranger Suspension and Lift Kit section at



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