Awhile back, we asked on Facebook: “So, where do y’all like to go riding?” We were so happy at the response that we simply had to share your answers. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a new place you didn’t know about. Or, you’ll be able to take a moment and appreciate someone who also loves riding in the same territory as you. We UTV lovers are a close knit group, so if you want to chime in with your own answer, be sure to stop over on the Facebook page and comment on this post:

As for the answers, well, here are a few of the favorites:

  • Live in Georgia? Our friends recommend West Georgia Mud Park in Waco and Seney Mud Bog in Cedartown. Durhmantown Offroad Park in Union Point made the list, too!
  • Live in Louisiana? One of our friends recommends Big Creek in Colyell, Tower Truxx Fluker, and Colfax.
  • Live in Mississippi? Red Creek Off Road in Perkinstin is a favorite.
  • Live in Ohio? Perry and Wayne state parks are a must-visit.
  • Live in Texas? Mud Creek and River Run in Jacksonville made the list, as did Sabine ATV Park in Burkeville, TX.
  • Live in Tennessee? Royal Blue in east TN poasts good trails and our friends love parts of Claiborne County.

Most of all, you guys (and gals) said how you love riding in those secret spots in the woods, in your backyard, or just a short hike away.

Thanks for sharing – we really appreciate it! Got another place you want to add to the list? Leave a comment or stop over on the FB page: