The end of the day may be the highlight of off-roading trip, whether you are spending the weekend camping or a long Saturday outside. Riding in the sunlight and the heat of the day can be exhausting. Night riding is an exciting adventure that can make all the packing, prepping and SxS maintenance worth it. Once the air starts to cool and dusk begins to settle, the atmosphere of the trail changes. As night falls, your view of the stars clears. Since many trails are set apart from the pollution of city lights, the expanses of stars often shine brightly.

Cuddle up on your Polaris RZR if the air starts to get chilly. You’ll want to bring sweaters and blankets to make sure you are nice and warm. To make sure you are extra cozy, bring a beverage that will keep you warm. Whether you prefer whisky, hot cocoa or coffee, make sure you pack drinks before you hit the trail.

It’s time for mood lighting and your favorite Polaris RZR accessories. With bright headlights and sound bars with colorful little lights, you can view the turns along the trail. Bring your flashlight and drive toward the campfires, those bright sparks glowing in the distance. Nearby lakes and creeks will glimmer with the reflection of the moon.  Blast your music and fill the open air with your favorite tunes. The evening will transform the trail into a place of shadows, trees and the mingling of darkness and light. Exploring the same terrain you passed through in the day takes on a life of its own.


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