You just purchased a UTV that will allow you to go places you have never been before, especially off-road. There’s nothing wrong with maintaining a thrill-seeking off-road style of driving, in fact it is encouraged. When it comes to off-road UTVs, make sure to buy all the relevant accessories so that you won’t get stuck in a disadvantageous position. Nothing becomes more of a buzzkill than having to stop, repair, and then start back again.

What are the most dangerous natural impediments that will be faced in a UTV while off the road? Well, that answer is simple: loose branches, rocks, or any other type of debris you might encounter. Now, what is the best way to combat these loose obstacles before you start your engine?


Install some sort of protective shield so that the undercarriage doesn’t become impaled or damaged when rolling over certain problem areas. The best way to keep your UTV protected and running is to buy UTV parts that maximize protection and efficiency, like the Rear A-Arm Guard.

Regardless of which side by side vehicle you chose to buy, there is no substitute for protection and safety. The rear guards will allow you to traverse branches, rocks and mud without having to constantly check to see if the UTV has been damaged. Know that your off-road monster will make it through those tough stretches of trail, and get you back to civilization safely.


uhmw-a-arm-guards-set-of-4-by-factory-utv-rzr-800-s-800-3.gifIf there’s one thing that makes owning an off-road vehicle a blast, it’s having a reliable machine that won’t break down when the going gets tough. Don’t make the mistake of letting your UTV roll through the woods without giving it protection; instead make it perform above the rest of the UTVs out there with the right UTV parts and accessories.


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