Yamaha Viking VI (Photo by UTVGuide.net) Read the full story here: https://news.utvguide.net/2014/06/yamahas-new-viking-vi-off-road-people.htmlLast June, we saw Yamaha launch an all-new Viking side by side vehicle that was super successful, both commercially and with riders. Now, Yamaha is launching the Yamaha Viking VI for 2015, which showcases all of the performance and features you love about the traditional Viking, now with just a heck of a lot more space. This new model features maximum headroom, legroom, and shoulder room – oh, and did we mention it takes on 6 occupants?! Yep, your next ride just turned into a party.

With 6 seats ready for passengers, the Yamaha Viking VI is creating a brand new wave – we expect to see more vehicles like this in the next few years. But besides having multi-passenger capacity, this new make and model of Yamaha UTV is also making a statement with:

  • Improved interior design for comfort and convenience
  • The Ultramatic fully automatic transmission you love in Yamah vehicles
  • On-Command four-wheel drive
  • Electric Power Steering
  • A 700cc-class engine
  • 600 pounds of hauling power
  • 1,500 pounds of towing power

And that’s not even counting the other standards you’ll find for usability. This is a HUGE deal – literally – for the industry. 4 seaters may be popular, but you can bet that there will be some 6 seaters coming  in the future to continue on with this trend.

To get the full scoop on this ride, check out UTVGuides.net’s article on the new Yamaha Viking VI, complete with photos (which we’ve also noted here).

The Yamaha Viking VI Photo above is by UTVGuide.net. Read the full story here: https://news.utvguide.net/2014/06/yamahas-new-viking-vi-off-road-people.html