Who wouldn’t be down for a little KOH pre-run action after a long year of canceled races and events? ZBroz and their crew had themselves a good old time breaking bad, throttling down, sending it, and soakin’ up dem whoops. We’re pretty sure there wasn’t an avid Powersports junky that wasn’t stoked about getting that white-knuckling fix that can only come from the annual King Of The Hammers offroad excursion. It’s the mecca for offroad topography and one of the toughest tracks of the season. So, of course, ZBroz Racing put their extreme-duty UTV shocks, springs, max clearance radius rods, and other suspension parts to work.


There’s a reason you’ll find that the crew at ZBroz Racing knows their stuff when it comes to side-by-side suspension parts that can rock some of the toughest terrains the world has to offer. They started off as a racing team that modded things up to meet their Powersports demands. Thus… UTV suspension parts that pack gains in handling control and shock absorption were born. Once they perfected and fine-tuned their units, the crew went on to win 6-World King titles and 19 World titles, with two X-game appearances. Side By Side Stuff is impressed, to say the least.


If you’re looking to add aftermarket UTV suspension to your Can Am, Polaris, Arctic Cat, Textron, or Yamaha, get your purchase on at SideBySideStuff.com.