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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider an Electric UTV

Brands like the Polaris Ranger, John Deere Gator, and the Hisun Sector are all offering electric UTVs. There’s gotta be a good reason, right? At Side By Side Stuff, we love the smell of a little gas after a ride, but it’s not for everyone. Let’s find out if an electric UTV might be best for you.

1. Electric UTVs are cost-effective

Once it’s off the lot—you start to save a lot. Gas prices aren’t going to drop to the levels of when your granddad got his first three-wheeler any time soon, so an option that can go farther for less money is awesome.
Plus, you can charge from home. How many times have you wanted to hit the trails but had to stop at the station first with a little red container? When you buy an electric UTV, you can make sure it’s always ready to go right from your garage.

2. Your electric UTV is quieter

Any hunter knows—every advantage counts. When you’re twisting through the trails to get to the blinds or deer stand, you don’t want to call attention to yourself. With an electric UTV, there’s no idle. There’s no start-up noise. There’s hardly any noise at all (unless you’re blasting tunes through the soundbar!).

3. Less maintenance with electric

Gas engines work because gas explodes–hot and fast. Not only are they complicated, but they have to deal with a ton of stress. With an electric Side by Side, you don’t have to worry about it as much. The suspension, tires, and wheels are all still in play, but you’ll never have to replace a carburetor again!

4. Electric UTVs have great acceleration

At this point, everybody knows the new electric Ford Mustang hauls ass. One of the reasons is the electric engine can go from 0-60 in under five. And that’s for an SUV. With battery tech getting better every year, and interest in electric UTVs growing with it, who knows how fast you’ll be able to clear that honey hole!

5. Keeping the side by side ride going

Electric UTVs make you more independent. You don’t need to go to Texaco to have fun over the weekends. They also help reduce carbon emissions, which helps the environment. On top of that, we’d all be lying if we said we haven’t seen some rainbow-colored puddles out at our favorite places to ride. Without that gas, you can help make those places last.

Are there any disadvantages to electric UTVs?

The benefits are big, but they’re not for everybody. It’s no shock (pun intended) that there are a lot more opportunities to upgrade performance on a gas UTV. Here are some of the disadvantages to an electric Side by Side:

  • Can’t charge everywhere: There’s more gas stations than EV charging stations (for now).
  • Lower horsepower: Gas side by sides typically have more horsepower and towing capacity.
  • Fewer options: Strictly speaking, there aren’t as many make and model options available.

There are fewer electric UTV models than gas UTVs. But there’s more every year. Currently, there’s a bit of discrepancy in horsepower, luckily that’s getting better, too. It’s important to look at both the positives and negatives, but keep in mind these can all change with an announcement for new models!

Best electric side by sides

Polaris Ranger EV UTV

Compact, powerful, and light—the Ranger EV UTV is a top pick for Side By Side Stuff. Overall, this is the best electric UTV for beginners because the advanced battery pack lasts the longest and offers low maintenance.

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John Deere TE Electric UTV

Classic John Deere means quality for outdoor enthusiasts. With a payload of 900 and towing of 600—this electric UTV is no joke. As a member of the “green and gold,” this vehicle is a favorite of people who work their UTVs on their property or business. However, it’s not in our #1 spot because of its limited range and speed. If you need stability, durability, and reliability, you know where to go, though!

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Hisun Sector E1

The newest from Hisun comes hot off the lot with a high-torque, brushless motor that offers a surprising punch. When we talk about snappy acceleration from electric UTVs, this is what we mean! This vehicle gets in our top three because it’s got the ground clearance we like, heavy-duty suspension, and enough space to fit just about anything you can haul.

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Spark some excitement

An electric UTV is an awesome option. You get freedom from the pump, lower maintenance costs, and the quietest ride around. If that’s not enough for you—keep posted! Side By Side Stuff is always looking to be on the cutting edge of cutting through trails. Follow us on social media, and learn more about what’s next for UTVselectric or not!

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