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“Big Blue”, MTX Audio’s Blue Thunder Edition Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo

MTX Audio's Blue Thunder Edition Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo

For the past few years MTX Audio was touring the country attending side by side events with 3 older model RZR’s.  Last year, about a month before Camp RZR West in Glamis, California, Polaris and MTX Audio wanted to build a new machine showcasing the brand new RZR XP 4 Turbo with some of the newest MTX Audio gear. MTX took delivery of a Spectra Orange RZR XP 4 Turbo in early October. With the Glamis event only two weeks away, MTX knew they didn’t have much time to finish the build the way they wanted. So they decided to do something different and out came the Blue Thunder Edition RZR XP 4 Turbo.  We met with Jason Planck, MTX Audio’s Rapid Development Manager and Lead Fabricator, at the 2016 Rally on the Rocks UTV event in Moab, Utah to get the scoop on this one of a kind build.

MTX Audio's Blue Thunder Edition Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo

“As the finished product shows, we chose and went with a very different and unique blue. The blue we chose has a back story” explains Planck. “So many, many years ago MTX made a line of product called “Blue Thunder”. It was available through its life cycle, approximately 10 years, in an anodized blue and a slate blue / silver.  The color we chose for the machine is a custom mix of those two colors with a heavy dose of flattener added just to keep it unique.”

MTX Audio's Blue Thunder Edition Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo

Since MTX took such late delivery of the machine they were only able to get the machine torn down, painted, powder coated all the orange parts black and tossed on some new wheels and tires. MTX finished with a simple MTX Audio system and headed to the Glamis dunes for Camp RZR.

“We knew all along we were going to re-do the entire machine as it was no way where we wanted it to be.” Says Planck. “So once we returned, we regrouped with a new plan and a target event.” (The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas) “We were going to put it in the largest electronics show in the country for everyone to see and hear it!  It had to be BAD ASS!”

MTX Audio's Blue Thunder Edition Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo

For this build, MTX Audio had the killer paint job done by Sniffing Fumes in Monroe, WI, Style Line, also out of in Monroe, did the powder coating and Jason Planck painted the custom parts in house. Then they shipped the body to Jason’s longtime friend John Beebe, owner of a clothing company in Mocksville, NC, where John did a fantastic job pin striping. MTX sent PRP Seats samples of the vehicle’s paint, and PRP knocked it out the park with their custom sewn and color matched seats for the build. MTX also purchased 3 yards of the materials used in the seats to use elsewhere on the build, like the custom interior door panels MTX made in house on the Polaris full aluminum doors. MTX had Gary’s Upholstery and Rick Bottom designs finish out the rest of the Upholstery.

MTX Audio's Blue Thunder Edition Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo

For the cage, MTX used the Cage Wrx “Race Cage” kit. They welded, ground and filled it in house and built a custom amp rack for 8 MTX amplifiers. MTX also incorporated the Cage Wrx “Race Cage” roof into the build with a custom paint job and matching padded upholstery. They customized Polaris low profile front and rear bumpers with custom milled plug ends for a strobe light housing. They also customized the Polaris Low profile rock sliders with backlit with blue LED lighting.

MTX Audio's Blue Thunder Edition Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo

As for suspension MTX stuck with the Polaris Hi Clearance A-Arms in the front, High Clearance Radius Rods in the rear and went with Assault Industries Shock Guards and CV Guards for superior protection. MTX custom made the trailing arm guards with back lighting as well.

MTX Audio's Blue Thunder Edition Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo

You’d never know but they also relocated and customized the intake. Made using a 3” HPS racing silicon hose and polished aluminum pipe, they hand milled the K&N filter holder and mounted it, hidden, behind rear left seat.  Then slapped on a Muzzys Full Stainless Steel Exhaust and header pipe.

MTX Audio's Blue Thunder Edition Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo

It doesn’t stop there, they installed PRP 2” 4 point harnesses, a WARN 4500 lbs winch with synthetic rope, a Bad Ass Unlimited Steering Wheel, a Hard Core Tuning Turbo Blowoff Valve, an Assault Industries Billet Gas Cap, two 4 foot blue LED whips and tons of LED lighting.  To finish it off they put on 15×8 GMZ Casino Beadlock wheels with a 4+4 offset and four 31x10x15 Kanati Mud Hog tires.

MTX Audio's Blue Thunder Edition Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo

Let’s not forget the main reason for this build, for Audio MTX built a custom dash which includes a hidden sub box behind it.  Jason says it’s the heart and soul of the audio system in this build. In the dash, Big Blue holds 4 MTX speakers, 2 MTX 10 inch 400 watt subwoofers and an IPad, custom mounted and removable for storage. The IPad controls the entire machines audio system. In back, Big Blue holds 2 MTX Tower Speakers mounted to the roll bars and a 15” MTX Thunder 9500 super woofer.

MTX Audio's Blue Thunder Edition Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo

The sub-woofer enclosure was made in house from T6061 Aluminum. Every single piece was handmade, there were over 45 pieces that had to come together to complete this enclosure. The enclosure has 3 viewing windows made from ½” clear acrylic allowing you to view the woofer. Keep in mind the part you see is only half the enclosure, the bottom and back of the bed were cut out for the “port” area (that is also aluminum) which enters the cabin though a large open area behind the rear seats, allowing for as much output as possible inside the cabin area of the RZR.

MTX Audio's Blue Thunder Edition Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo

To power it all, they installed 8 MTX MUD100.2 2 channel powersports amplifiers in the welded custom made amp rack located in the roof of the cage and 2 MTX Thunder 1000.1 amplifiers under the front seats upside down (for cooling purposes). Each subwoofer amp has its own volume control in the dash for level matching, left side front subs and right rear BIG sub!


Custom Built Dash Which Includes the Hidden Sub Box Behind It. It’s the Heart and Soul of the Audio System


4-MTX WET77 (7.7 Inch Coaxial Marine Speaker)

2-MTX Thunder 5510-44 10 Inch 400 Watt Subwoofer

1-IPad Which Controls the Entire Machine’s Audio System, Custom Mounted and Removable for Storage


8- MTX MUD100.2 2 Channel Powersports Amplifier (In the Roof of the Cage Interior Custom Made Amp Rack Welded into Cage)

2-MTX thunder1000.1 (Under the Front Seats Upside Down for Cooling Purposes)

Rear Cage Pods:

2-MTX WET8CWB  8 Inch Compression Driver Towers Speakers with Custom Billet Inserts to Accommodate Smaller 1.75” Tubing.


  • MTX Thunder 9500 Super Woofer 15” 9515-22 Inside Custom Subwoofer Holder


All Audio and Accessories Wired Exclusively Using Streetwires Wire and Interconnects Covered and Protected by Techflex “Flexo” 6 Nylon Loom



Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo


Jason Planck, Craig Marsh, Heidi Yoder


Sniffing Fumes in Monroe, WI / Jason Planck

Pin Striping:

John Beebe owner of


Gary’s Upholstery / Rick Bottom designs

Powder Coating:

Style Line in Monroe, Wi

Color Lighting:

Varad 60 Watt Professional Grade Strobe Kit, 60 1 Watt LED Chassis Mount Suspension Kits


15×8 GMZ Casino Beadlocks with a 4+4 Offset


Kanati Mud Hog LT31x10x15


Polaris High Clearance A-Arm’s in Front and High Clearance Radius Rod’s in Rear.  MTX Custom Made Trailing Arm Guards with Back Lighting Made in House.


Cage Wrx “Race Cage” Kit Welded, Ground and Filled in House (Added More Material for the Amp Rack) Texture Powder Coat


Cage Wrx “Race Cage” Roof Custom Painted Exterior with Padded Upholstered Interior


PRP Custom Sewn and Color Matched Seats


PRP 2” 4 Point Harnesses


Polaris Full Aluminum Doors with Custom Made Interior Door Panels Made in House


Polaris Low Profile Front and Rear Bumpers (Bumper Plug Ends Custom Made in House, Milled from Aluminum as Strobe Light Housing)


Muzzy Full Stainless Steel Exhaust and Header Pipe


Warn 4500 lb Winch with Synthetic Rope

Rock Sliders:

Polaris Low Profile Rock Sliders Backlit with Blue LED Lighting

Suspension Guards:

Assault Industries Shock Guards and CV Guards


XS Power D1200 and XP950


MTX Relocated and Custom Made Using 3” HPS Racing Silicon Hose and Polished Aluminum Pipe, Hand Milled K&N Filter Holder and Mount Hidden Behind Rear Left Seat

LED light bars:

Polaris 13” Light Bar Mounted on Front Bumper Polaris 30” Light Bar Mounted on Intrusion Bar on Cage Just Above Dash, Handmade Mounting Hardware


Bad Ass Unlimited Steering Wheel

Hard Core Tuning Turbo Blowoff Valve

Assault Industries Billet Gas Cap

Two 4 Foot Blue LED Whips

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